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Simple Mapper

simple mapperWe developed Simple Mapper to power this web site on the brain. Now, you can use it to organize what comes out of yours! With Simple Mapper create and save concept maps, network diagrams, or flowcharts for personal use or to share with others. START MAPPING!

G2C Blog: Thoughts on Thinking

The Epigenetic code and brain development

Epigenetics has been a hot topic in molecular biology for several years and it´s fascinating to see how it is now trending in general news as well. I was reminded of this fact when hearing Fatimah Jackson speak at the American Museum of Natural History´s recent SciCafe. So what is epigenetics? First of all it´s… GO TO BLOG

3-D Brain

3d_brain The G2C Brain is an interactive 3-D model of the brain, with 29 structures that can be rotated in three-dimensional space. Each structure has information on brain disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern neuroscience research. Ideal for students, researchers, and educators in psychology and biology. Launch online 3D BRAIN
Also available: 3D Brain App released on new mobile platforms! Downloaded more than 1 million times on iPhone/iPod/iPad, now you can download the app for your Android or Windows 7 phone! Search for "3D Brain" in your app store!