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Interact with the dynamic Networks Maps to explore the full catalog of content. Roll-over a node on the map for a preview and click to open the content. Move on to other content by returning to the network map. Each node you visit on the map gets flagged.

Follow the Selected Items "Subway Line" for an overview of a topic. Roll-over a subway node for a preview and click to open the content.

Other Features

Most content items include links to Related Items, which allow you to explore further.

The Glossary includes over 300 neuroscience keywords.

Search for content using keywords or id number. Select a preferred network map to view the content in context.

Open/close the History at the lower left to view visited content. Your history is stored until you clear it.

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Genes to Cognition (G2C) Online examines thinking and disorders of thinking across six levels of analysis:

Genes ~ Biochemicals ~ Cells ~ Brain ~ Cognition (Behavior) ~ Environment

Each topic area examines ideas and research from many of these different levels, which are color-coded to help you navigate. We hope visitors will integrate information from the levels to gain a broad understanding of topic areas. Ultimately, this networking process mimics the nature of science: amalgamating information from different domains to form a complete picture of the world.

A Video Introduction to Genes to Cognition Online